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Sightseeing Train Ride

May 16 - 17, 2015, Oakland - Davis - Reno

“By end of 1865, the Union Pacific had spent more than $500,000 and laid only 40 miles of track. Building east from California, the Central Pacific bridged ravines with trestles. Ridges were carved and blasted through. There was a chronic labor shortage, as most able-bodied men preferred trying to strike it rich in the gold mines. However, a large Chinese work force, numbering 10,000 or more, originally drawn to California by the gold rush, was eventually drafted into the effort.

By the second year of work on the Central Pacific's construction, nine out of ten of the workers were Chinese.” The description from Union Pacific website delivers information of the important role of Chinese Workers in the construction of transcontinental railroad.

As the largest sponsor and event host, Union Pacific will provide a historically authentic train to celebrate the ‘150 Anniversary Celebration of Chinese Workers Building US Transcontinental Railroad’, May 16th – 17th, 2015.

The historic train includes five guest cars and three staff cars which can accommodate a total 100 passengers. Train will embark at Jack London Square (Oakland) at 8:00AM on Saturday, May 16 and arrive at Davis Amtrak Station at 10:00AM. Train will stop for boarding passengers, and there will be a ceremony on Davis station platform. Then the train will take passengers directly to Reno. Experienced docents will tell the stories about railroad construction and achievement of Chinese Workers 150 years ago. Two complimentary meals be provided on the train. The total journey will be about 7 hours.

When passengers arrive at Amtrak Station in Reno, there will be an evening celebration with local communities; passengers will also enjoy the free time at casinos and other attractions in downtown Reno.

On May 17th, the same train will pick up passengers from Reno at 8 a.m. passengers and return to Oakland via Davis and Oakland. The Sightseeing Train Ride event will be a very unique and remarkable journey, and it will be very impressive.

Published on May 17, 2015

The Union Pacific ran a special scenic excursion train May 16 & 17 2015 to honor the 150th anniversary of Chinese contributions to the Transcontinental Railroad. The train ran between Oakland CA and Reno NV over Donner Pass. I went to Lone Tree Point in Rodeo and saw the train approach from quite a distance into Hercules and Rodeo. The locomotive was SD70ACe UP 8866. The cars were 208; Columbia River; Powder River; City of Denver; Missouri River Eagle; City of Los Angeles; City of San Francisco; Challenger; and Idaho. — John's Junction Railroad Videos (jreichel1)

Published on May 19, 2015

I was one of the fortunate few who was a passenger aboard this once in a lifetime trill ride on the Union Pacific executive train celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the first Chinese men who began carving through the High Sierras. The experience and VIP treatment from all the executives and their employees to us civilians was very humbling. In the speaker, you will hear the voice of an executive explaining this area to a small delegation from China. — Cindy Yee

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